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" I had a very positive experience with Samiat. I had Open Heart Surgery and when I came home I was very weak and shaky. I had no endurance to complete every day activities. Working with Samiat was very helpful and key in my recovery. I have built up my strength and I am now able to do the things I need to around the house and also, more importantly, do the the things I enjoy. I really feel she was key in my recovery. She was great, she made everything fun, and I was always glad to see her! Barb "
Jan 11, 2019
"I was in an accident a couple of months ago. I ended up in the ER because I had severe pain in the back of the neck to the extent that I could not move my head, I couldn’t speak, and I couldn’t swallow. I was put on pain medicine, a muscle relaxer and Valium for a week. The pain eventually subsided but my range of motion was greatly affected. I still had difficulty looking over my shoulder or just reaching up my arm to get something from high above. This difficulty persisted for a couple of weeks after treatment. I was then recommended to see a physical therapist. My doctor gave me a list of recommended therapists in the area that included tandem rehab. The best part is they come to me and they were local.  At my first appointment, Dr. Samiat Tumasang did a full examination and after that administered a full neck and shoulder massage. She also recommended how I could sleep to relieve the pain and to use warm or pads to help relax my muscles. During my second appointment we did more of a deep muscle massage that involved a lot of neck extensions, shoulder and upper back exercise. I swear all my pain and tension and tightness had completely disappeared. The truth is I only did a follow up appointment just enjoy the massage. My pain was completely gone my range of motion had returned and I was fully functional. I went back to see my physician, was very surprised that I was very determined to return to work just after three sessions. I have been doing well for the last couple of months with no pain and no tightness.  I highly recommend Tandem rehab because they were very patient and gentle and worked with my schedule to provide me the care I needed. I almost wish I could have them for one more head-neck-shoulder work-up.  Thank you very much."
Aug 28, 2018
"Prior to PT, I was pretty much unable to do anything for myself. PT has allowed me to become self-reliant. Initially, I couldn’t shower, prepare meals, walk or many other “normal” day to day activities. But I am not able to do all these things on my own."
Aug 28, 2018
" I had an awesome experience with Dr. Samiat Tumasang. The PT experience was amazing. Dr. Samiat Tumasang was very professional and was very patient with me. I looked forward to my therapy visits each week. At the beginning I was not able to put any weight on my left foot due to a meniscus tear. 4 weeks later, Dr. Samiat Tumasang has me using a cane, no more crutches or walkers. This well be her last visit. I actually went to the door to great her today without my cane. She even has me outside walking around. I will truly miss her. To top it off. Dr. Samiat Tumasang has a great sense of humor. I am so glad to have met her as she took the utmost care with me. She wrote out exercises for me so they were clear and extremely helpful. She even gave me a beautiful than you note. I will always remember her famous words for the steps: “Good goes to heaven and Bad goes to hell”."
Aug 28, 2018