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Samiat Tumasang, Physical Therapist, DPT, GFC

Dr. Samiat Tumasang is the founder and Physical therapist at Tandem rehab services. She helps clients recover from pain, illness or surgeries in the home setting.

Before starting an in-home Physical therapy business, Dr. Tumasang spent 15 years working as a Physical therapist in various settings ranging from hospitals, rehabilitation centers, outpatient physical therapy, and home health agencies. She also works as a fitness instructor teaching Zumba, Strength, and Conditioning training.  After a successful career in helping clients recover from injuries and pain in rehab and hospital settings, Dr. Samiat Tumasang now enjoys helping clients in the comfort of their home.  She enjoys teaching, learning, and making a significant impact on people’s lives.

Dr. Tumasang also enjoys dance, fitness, and trying new sports.

Dr. Tumasang is available for in-home physical therapy as well as free consultation in Frederick, MD and lower Montgomery County, MD.  You can reach Dr. Samiat Tumasang at

Eugine Tumasang,MS

Eugine Tumasang attended the University of MD, where he earned both his B.S and M.S degrees. He has successfully managed several medical centers, programs, projects, and is responsible for overseeing operations at Tandem Rehab Services (TRS). Years of sporting activities and injuries led him to a strong interest in rehabilitation and injury prevention. He works directly with the team to carry out various initiatives, maintain relationships with our clients, and provide services that are representative of the TRS core values, vision, and mission statement

In his spare time, Eugine engages in all types of sporting activities including but not limited to golf, football, soccer, tennis, fishing, hiking, biking, basketball, etc. He considers himself a decent cook and loves to experiment with new foods and recipes. He enjoys meeting new people, spending time with family and friends, working out, reading, traveling, mentoring, coaching, watching and talking sports, DIY projects, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Mr. Tumasang can be reached at